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Looking for Search Engine Marketing Agency in Malaysia. Arcadia Bytes offer great search engine marketing services that drives sales. Search engine marketing services like PPC and SEO will help your website drives sales. Search Engine Optimization (SEM) is the process of gaining website traffic by paid ads. The use of paid digital marketing through different channels and resources. One of our SEM services is Google Ads. and Google ads are a new form of online marketing method. It is based on a Pay Per Click policy to advertise your services and products.


Google Ads
It increases leads, One of our SEM services is Google Ads, it allows you to focus on the people who are searching for what your business offers.
This means you can continually refine your searches so that only people who want to buy your products or services are sent to your websites through this platform
Facebook Ads
With the biggest audience on planet earth. Facebook proved to be the advance targeting audience. It is a must used advertising system for generating leads that convert.
At Arcadia Bytes we offer the help of Facebook Ad management and complete the best online presence.
Tiktok Ads
Tiktok just surpassed a billion downloads and continues to grow. Building a brand and awareness is getting traction by using TikTok and brand started acquiring customers.
Search Engine Marketing

Why you need SEM?

market around the world

Around The Globe

By using Search Engine Optimization, We can reach the relevant customer throughout the globe whether they are looking for similar products.
In other words, there are a range of search criteria, target market, or anything that you need for marketing ads.


By using digital marketing and search engine optimization, the data is measurable and specific. As an example, Google will send the monthly report that shows the statistic of your website visits traffic.
For instance you may see the current demand and market needs from there. Above all you can measure and justify how important google ads for your business.
pay per click

Pay Per Click

The charge is based on the click visit. If there is no click then no charges will incur. Best budget
targeted audience

Targeted Audience

Instead of pointing the ads to pointless user. The targeted audience is great in pointing the best fit for products and service for your market niche. Specifically intented for targeted audience.

Easy and reliable

Unlike the traditional advertising method, Google Ads able to work the extra miles in focusing on your target users who are interested in your products. What’s even best about Google Ads is Free Advertising when there are no responses to your advertisements, you will not be charged.

Boost Your Business

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Real Results

Malaysia Search Engine Marketing by Arcadia Bytes that drives real results. Driving quality leads and valuable sales to your company even you are a local or international company.



By giving the best impression towards the public. Search engine marketing generates local and international feed on top of search pages. With the best strategy, you can grow your brand, revenues and operations.



Search engine marketing can be very difficult. In order to rank higher and be the best on top, you need a consistent and up to date team. We will make sure your return on investment as high as possible. We care what you have invested for.


We value the design and the hardwork and making sure it generates lead

Super Fast and Scalable Design

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